Having been raised in a musical family with a father and brothers who were regularly fixing and repairing things, it has been the perfect fit for me to not only play piano with moderate accomplishment, but to work on this great instrument that I have loved since I was a small girl.

Musical Training

Growing up in Indianapolis, I began piano lessons at Jordan College of Music when I was 7 years old, concentrating my studies on classical and sacred music. This continued well into my teen years, where I also added organ studies.

My passions include: music arranging, creative crafts, sports games, and above all Faith and Family.


After graduating with a B.S. in Music Education from Pillsbury College in Owatonna, MN, I spent the next 12 years teaching music in school or private lessons. During these years, I had a great yearning to know how a piano actually worked and began studying piano tuning and technology with the help of a local technician and hands on experience.


I am blessed to have a wonderful family – my husband Dan, and two great sons and daughters-in-law, and precious grandchildren.


I’ve been working as a piano technician for over 40 years, doing contract work for Meridian Music Company, and servicing a wide customer base of schools, churches, piano teachers, and private clients. I’ve had the opportunity on two different occasions to visit Steinway New York for technical training, as well as touring the Yamaha factories in Japan.