It has been my privilege to know Leanne Cherry for nearly twenty years. Leanne has tuned our piano over this time and we always find her to be very efficient, professional and timely. She has a gifted ear and great patience for her trade and has trained under the best! She has also been contracted to take care of 11 pianos at our church. In addition to tuning them she has voiced them, regulated them and even done some general repair work. We are always very, very pleased with her care of these instruments and I highly recommend her not only to all of my students, but also to you.
G. Roschi

I have trusted Leanne to tune my piano since 1994. She is reliable, trustworthy, and thorough in her knowledge and care of my piano. Leanne is a highly skilled piano tuner who keeps my instrument in top condition. I highly recommend Cherry Piano Tuning!
C. Cunningham

I am a professional pianist and Leanne recently tuned both the baby grand I play at work and my personal piano at home. She did an AMAZING job with both of them—-they both feel and sound infinitely better than before. Leanne has top-notch technical skills but also the soul of an artist, to get the very best out of the instruments she works with. Thank you, Leanne, for making my pianos sing!!

K. Cloer

Leanne Cherry has tuned my piano as well as our church’s piano for many years. I have found her work to be exemplary in all respects. She honors her appointments, is pleasant to talk with, is willing to make extra trips to tweak a piano for special performances, and she brings the best out of the instrument she is working on. It is lovely to have a tuner who is conscientious, dependable, and skilled at her craft.

J. Streeter

Thanks, Leanne, for taking care of the grand piano at the studio for Full Circle! We’ve received good feedback from our artists that have played it. We so appreciate your work.

S. McAllister

I have known Leanne Cherry for 13 years. She is one of our lead piano technicians at Meridian Music Company. Leanne is a professional and does great work for our company. Leanne has a very good ear for tuning. She is an accomplished pianist and understands the capabilities of each piano. This really shows up when she voices a piano. She truly cares about the job she is doing, and gives her best to please each customer. Leanne is someone we count on to make our pianos sound their best. And that is one reason why she works on our Steinway Pianos. It is also wonderful to have a female piano tuner that we can recommend for those customers who are uncomfortable having a male technician in their home.

C. Bloemker

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